Pete's Projects

This site is for me to mess around with HTML5 and JavaScript and try to make some browser games and tools. I do most of my coding and testing on a low-spec 9-year-old laptop, so if my projects work for me they should work for just about anyone.

Creation screenshot PeteConnect screenshot Arena screenshot GURPS Lite screenshot
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Creation is where I've experimented with using the CreateJS framework and Burak Kanber's Physics in JavaScript code. With this I've made the basics for a 2D Platformer, with the capacity for mechanics around changing gravity. This game uses cookies to save your game data; they're only created when you maually save (in the Pause menu), they don't store any of your personal information, and you can delete them from within the game (also in the Pause menu). By playing this game I take it you're OK with this use of cookies.

Where Creation was a single-player experiment, PeteConnect and Arena are attempts at multiplayer. They work out who is online, store data about their location anonymously in Firebase, and updates everyone's whereabouts at the same time. Move around with the arrow keys, and try them out at the same time as your friends!

Another project I've worked on is a character creation tool for the role-playing system GURPS Lite. It currently allows you to select your stats and skills, and automatically calculates the points value as you do so. I intend to add more features bit-by-bit as I play and run more RPG sessions, such as a equipment, a character sheet style interface, loading pre-made characters and saving your own creations.

If you want to see my latest endeavour as it's being built, it's actually a Facebook app! I hope to make an RPG battling game, where you choose your party of warriors from characters that your friends have made. Follow the below link and log into Facebook to check it out!

I've also created a very simple game previously here on Neocites, at It's just a glitchy Pong clone, but it was the starting point that made me realise stuff like this was possible. At some point I'll either move it to this site or scrap it.

If you have any thoughts on the stuff I've made, give me a Tweet! I'm happy to hear any feedback or ideas you might have.