Three years ago, a man of powerful evil took control of the kingdom and forced the royal family to flee. His rule has been tyrannical, commanding an army of monsters who patrol the land thrashing any sign of resistance. The prophets say fate will send a Hero in the seventh year of the reign of this Great King of Evil. But some citizens do not believe, or just can’t wait that long, and are fighting back against all odds. You and your party are one such group going against the evil legion, be it for justice, glory, personal gain or your own dark agenda. But you have no destiny, and the goddesses aren’t watching over you. The kingdom of Hyrule has become a hostile place, and you’re no Hero of Time.

This is a pen-and-paper role-playing game using the GURPS system, based on the video game The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. The adventure is set in the seven-year gap between the times of Young Link and Adult Link - Ganondorf has taken over Hyrule using the Triforce of Power, and it will be years before Link comes to save the land. Players can use one of the many Legend of Zelda races for their character, including Goron, Zora and Kokiri, and the GURPS system offers complete freedom for their character’s skills and personality. Zelda fans who’ve not role-played can enjoy the world of the games in a whole new way, and RPG veterans who aren’t familiar with the Zelda franchise will discover a different take on the classic fantasy setting.

You can get the GURPS Lite rules for free at Warehouse 23, and if you want help making your character you can try out my GURPS Lite character creator tool.

Click here to see some notes I'm writing about the backgroud of the world - most of the lore will be straight from the games, but artistic licence is used in some places. If you want to be a Game Master and host an adventure for your friends, you can find my GM notes by clicking here. I may also chronicle the 5-player campaign that I'm currently running, 'Rebels of Time'.

(This is a non-profit fan-based project, and is not affiliated with Nintendo or Steve Jackson Games. If you're a fan of this RPG, buy stuff from the companies that inspired me. And if you're interested but I've not updated these pages enough, badger me on Twitter!)